It feels like it is something aggravating popping up every single day with the New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen. Recently, it was his message to the team that may get on a lot of fans’ nerves.

Let’s face it, the fans, among some national media, are already calling for the man’s job, and they have every right to. He isn’t doing what he was paid to do.

The way he goes about things just isn’t appealing to what the fans want, either. His recent press conference only proves that point more.

“Yeah, the message a little bit this week was, man, let’s have fun playing this game.”

I’m going to stop right there. Yes, that is what he said. A coach whose team is 3-7 and last in the division, he started his message by saying they should have fun.

First, losing isn’t fun. Secondly, I think he needs to be worried about trying to not lose his job before having fun.

But I digress.

“But I told the team in there today that the message now is that there has got to be a sense of urgency,” Allen continued. “There has to be a sense of urgency in everything that we do. We have got to get some things corrected, and there has to be a sense of urgency about doing that. And what we have done to this point has not been good enough.

“If we keep doing the same things and expect things to be different that is the definition of insanity. We have got to change the way we prepare. We have got to change the way we get ready to play a game. That’s coaches, players, that’s all of us. Because it hasn’t been up to the standard that we have had here.”

A few more things, just because, why not.

He should have started his presser with his message being about a sense of urgency, even though he has been preaching the same thing for months now. It’s getting old, and I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Secondly, he is preaching to the choir on that second statement. He described, and literally said, the definition of insanity, yet he hasn’t changed a thing yet when it’s so obvious things aren’t working.

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