The New Orleans Saints’ bad luck just struck them again.

This time, it is a bit more on an emotional level. Veteran running back Mark Ingram suffered an MCL injury against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night.

He was noticeably limping after initially hurting his leg. Of course, he went back into the game. That was when he made the mishap of running out of bounds short of the first down late in the game. The mistake costed the Saints big-time in their loss.

Now, it sounds like the injury is more serious than some believed at first.

Ingram has a slight teat of his MCL. He will most likely miss the rest of the season for the Saints.

Ingram has struggled at times this season. He is an aging running back in the NFL.

Regardless, fans were really excited when the Saints brought him back to be alongside Alvin Kamara. The two have been a great combo and best friends over the course of their careers with the Saints.

If this is the end of his time in New Orleans, Ingram will always be a very beloved player for fans of this generation.

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