The New Orleans Saints must improve on offense – quickly.

Their struggles have put their defense in difficult situations consistently and pushed them to the brink with a 1-2 record. Of the 12 quarters of football they’ve played, the offense has played well in just one of them. A stat from Week 3 exemplifies some of the frustration regarding QB Jameis Winston and the Saints’ offense.

What does this stat mean exactly? How does it say anything about their quarterback?

Well, it shows that the receivers for the Saints are getting open. The scheming and play-calling has been better than many believe. That being said, it also means that their QB is not finding his receivers enough. His progressions are not up to par right now.

Additionally, his protection probably needs to vie a bit better as well. The Saints’ quarterback is playing injured, but the team believes he is the best option right now.

If that is the case, he must be able to make these plays.

Winston has to find the open man sooner and more consistently, and it has to start soon. In order for the Saints’ offense to stay on schedule, that has to happen. Saints’ fans were spoiled to the timing and precision of Drew Brees for over a decade. The system is still similar, but that role is hard to play.

The WR core for New Orleans is playing very well, but they need more help from their QB going forward. It is truly that simple.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports