The New Orleans Saints and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have quite the history. Today, Alvin Kamara poked fun at Goodell and the league office on social media.

Los Angeles Rams kicker Matt Gay was fined $5000 for his pants in their Week 1 game. Gay went to Twitter to point out the ridiculousness of the fine. Apparently, the league did not like the length of his pants. A bit ridiculous – to say the least.

Accordingly, Kamara responded with a tweet of his own that playfully urged all players to wear their pants like the Rams’ kicker did.

Kamara is right on point, though. If the entire league wore their pants a bit too high, would the NFL fine every single player? That would be quite the scene.

Fans of the Saints have had a bone to pick with the NFL for quite a while now. Instances like this don’t help that situation for the Saints or any other franchise.

Goodell and the NFL certainly seem focused on the most important aspects of football.

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