If you know former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, you know he is quite the character.

He is a big competitor. Accordingly, he isn’t afraid to take a shot or “troll” an opponent. At the forefront, the Saints’ rivalry with the Atlanta Falcons was always entertaining with Payton involved.

As the HC of New Orleans, he loved to get in on the banter versus Atlanta.

Now, as a TV analyst, Payton may have taken one final shot at the NFC South rival while at his new gig. 

The Cincinnati Bengals will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City next week. If the Buffalo Bills had beaten the Bengals this past weekend, the AFC Championship would have been at a neutral site.

Atlanta was a potential hosting spot for that game. That won’t happen after the Bengals beat the Bills, though.

Since Atlanta was mentioned, Payton had to take a little shot at his former team’s rival. It was pretty funny, too.

Payton may not be an analyst for too much longer. The Saints plan on trading their former offensive guru fairly soon. He wants to make a return to the sideline, and multiple teams are interested in him.

His final, last-ditch effort to get a dig in at the Falcons will make Saints fan smirk for sure.

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