The New Orleans Saints have been frustrating for weeks now.

For players, the struggles seem to be getting to them a bit as well.

In the first quarter against the Los Angeles Rams, Alvin Kamara got a bit heated with the Saints’ coaching staff. It was on the first drive for New Orleans. They were in their own territory and chose to punt on a 4th and inches.

Kamara clearly felt like the offense would take care of business and pick up the first down.

The coaching staff disagreed. The decision quickly backfired as the Rams scored just a couple plays later on offense.

It was a bit of a confusing decision by the coaches simply because the Saints seemed to have a bit of momentum to begin the game.

They got a 3-and-out stop on defense on the Rams’ first possession. You would think that they may try to keep that energy going with a big pickup on their first fourth down.

Instead, Dennis Allen and company chose to punt. Kamara was not happy about it.

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