Jarvis Landry’s NFL resumé speaks for itself.

But after a seven-year professional career, he’s never dealt with an offensive playbook as complicated as New Orleans‘.

“Out of my whole career, this is probably the hardest offense I’ve had to learn,” Landry said after practice. “This is just part of the challenge. It’s part of being a pro — you have to step up to the plate and learn the playbook. That’s the only way you can be trusted inside of this offense and inside of this team.

“[The playbook] has a lot of detail. It’s a lot of things I’ve learned in the past that mean something different here. So, it’s like rewiring. I have to unlearn a lot of things to program it differently.”

Success comes by way of offensive connection

Success in New Orleans doesn’t stop at merely knowing the plays. If Landry aims to elevate a passing offense that struggled immensely last season, he has to nail the route timing with the quarterbacks on the roster.

The good news is, the starter — barring injury and health  — Jameis Winston and Landry have already started building the necessary chemistry needed between a quarterback and a veteran receiver.

“Jameis has honestly been a big help to me,” Landry said. “He’s been a guy that after walkthroughs, after practice and between periods has stayed with me and called formations out to me and called plays out to me. Doing that has really helped me.

“He’s intentional, which is a good thing. He knows where he wants guys to be, and he has a high standard for himself and the guys he’s throwing the ball to.”

It didn’t take Landry long to become one of Cleveland’s offensive safety valves during his three years there. He quickly became one of Baker Mayfield’s go-to targets. And it wasn’t a surprise that in the year he was hurt the Browns struggled to move the ball downfield.

In New Orleans, Landry aims to be transformative, again. It won’t happen overnight, but he’s putting in the necessary time to be a difference maker in the passing attack.

Step one comes down to continuing to master the playbook and the offensive timing with Winston. Then, the sky is the limit once that happens.

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