There was yet another brawl yesterday in a Saints-Buccaneers divisional clash. Bucs WR Mike Evans and Saints CB Marshon Lattimore were in the middle of it once again. Former Saints’ head coach Sean Payton had a take on the drama after the game.

Payton is correct. The animosity and physicality are one thing. It is a rivalry.

Cheap shots are another, and Evans is lucky that no injuries have come from his blindside hits after the whistle. Payton also acknowledges that it is nothing personal from him toward Evans. He is simply judging his actions from the field.

Those actions simply cannot happen – no matter the level of emotion on either side.

Standing up for your quarterback is one thing. Allowing your emotion to boil over consistently because of a matchup with another player is a different story. It can get someone seriously injured.

Lattimore was chirping plenty, and his shoving with Bucs RB Leonard Fournette was the opening to the fight. That being said, Evans once again took advantage of an opportunity to take his frustration from his performance out on Lattimore.

Evans has been suspended for one game by the NFL. He is appealing.

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