The New Orleans Saints continue to shoot themselves in the foot every single week.

Injuries are frustrating, and they are mounting for the Saints. Every team has a plethora of injuries for the most part, though.

Not every team in the NFL is top five in the league in penalties. The Saints are, though.

Before today’s game, New Orleans had the second-most penalties in the league among teams that had played nine games.

They play undisciplined football every single week under head coach Dennis Allen. Nobody can argue against that anymore.

In particular, the defense continues to bail teams out with penalties.

Today, the Saints gave the Steelers three different third down conversions with penalties in the secondary. 74 penalty yards for the Saints today.

Their first quarter was putrid. The Saints had more penalty yards than offensive yards.

The Steelers had only three penalties for 40 yards in the entire game. None of those penalties were game-changing, either.

Between pre-snap offensive penalties and fouls in coverage, New Orleans cannot escape massive calls. That’s partly on the players, but the trend is on coaching.

Overall, they are just sloppy. Considering their immense injuries, they can’t afford to play undisciplined football.

Well-coached teams avoid penalties, especially on important plays. The Saints legitimately cannot avoid them at this point, and it is killing their season.

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