New Orleans Saints’ head coach Dennis Allen has a hot seat that only gets hotter as weeks go by.

Last night’s performance against the Baltimore Ravens was inexcusable. The offense scuffled, but the defense got beat up all night long.

The defense is Allen’s unit when it comes down to the details.

The Ravens dominated time of possession because the Saints could not stop the run. Additionally, the Saints could not get off of the field on third down.

Baltimore converted nine of fifteen third down conversions.

They salted away the game in the second half without throwing the ball much at all. It was dominance on the ground.

For years prior, the run defense was a strength for the Saints. Apparently, that ship has sailed.

For Allen, the pressure is mounting. His decision to stick with Andy Dalton does not look particularly sharp, either.

Dalton has struggled mightily over the past month outside of a clear outlier against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Unfortunately for the Saints, starts like this one has become a trend for Dennis Allen. He has never dug himself out of this type of hole.

Allen has only been a head coach at the start of four seasons. In three of those, his team started the season 3-6.

Clearly, it is a trend for the former HC of the Raiders.

Allen got a lot of credit in-house for the Saints’ defenses over the past few seasons. It made sense because they were elite, but they also possessed elite talent at every level.

Some of that talent is now out of the building. Allen attempted to replace it, but those players have not lived up to expectations so far.

Accordingly, some of that blame falls on the Saints’ HC.

His past has proven that slow starts aren’t just coincidence. They have become a trend.

For the Saints, that could mean that things aren’t going to get much better over the latter half of the season.

Now, without their first-round pick in next year’s draft, the Saints are in a very dangerous place.

Are the Saints contenders in the NFC South?

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