The New Orleans Saints arent sure woh their future quarterback is, but they do know who their mom beloved QB ever is.

That title belongs to Drew Brees.

Brees was in the building to support the Saints this past weekend against the Rams. Luckily, he got to see his former take care of business against Los Angeles.

The offense played well with Brees in attendance. That seems to be a trend.

The players for New Orleans were definitely happy to see their former teammate.

The impact that Brees had on the culture for the Saints is quite clear.

Multiple veterans gave him hugs and talked to him throughout the game. Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram spent a lot of the game near Brees. They were not available for the game due to injury.

Their careers are very connected to Brees. They all have special legacies for the Saints.

New Orleans fans may want Brees to come see games more often if it has this type of affect on the team.

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