Something has to change for the New Orleans (1-1) Saints in Week 3 against the Carolina Panthers (0-2).

That starts with offensive consistency.

Two weeks into the NFL regular season, the Saints are still lacking a real offensive identity. The offense has started slowly in each game, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better. That falls on the shoulders of quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston spent Week 1 coasting through three quarters of a game before going nuclear in the fourth quarter.

In Week2, against Tampa Bay, he never really got going — turning the ball over three times.

However, in Week 3, up against a desperate Panthers team that needs a win to stay afloat, Winston will have to lead the offense to a fast, commanding, start.

Instead of relying on the defense to make plays, Winston and his offense will need to make them.

That’s a tall task for a team that hasn’t looked anything close to spectacular. Still, it feels tangible. It feels real.

The Panther present an interesting defensive look, where they put pressure on the quarterback but don’t necessarily force turnovers. If New Orleans doesn’t merely give the ball to Carolina, controls the clock and scores first, it should be a winnable game.

That starts by showcasing some model of offensive consistency.

And offensive consistency starts with good quarterback play — something the Saints haven’t had to this point in the season.

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