Fans of the New Orleans Saints are clamoring.

Coaches know it. Players know it. The New Orleans Saints have a quarterback controversy.

Actually, it may not even qualify as a controversy. Moreso, it is just an unknown for the Saints’ future.

The position hasn’t been secure since the departure of Drew Brees.

Some folks thought Taysom Hill was the answer. Sean Payton sure did, or he said it on many occasions, at least.

The team has been fairly successful when Hill starts at QB, but it is clear he isn’t the long-term answer at the position. His most precious value comes in other places.

This year, Andy Dalton has been center stage for most of the season.

The Saints signed him to be their backup during this past off-season. He is a veteran. Everyone knows what his skillset is at this point, and it isn’t what’s necessary to be an impact starting QB in the NFL anymore.

That leaves Jameis Winston.

Winston played fairly well early last season before his injury, but the Saints’ offensive scheming certainly helped that.

They were protecting him, and the running game was one of the best in the NFL. This year, Winston has missed most of the season with injury.

During his limited playing time early on, he was inconsistent.

Regardless, after offensive struggles for weeks, most people want a change.

They need to see something different from the Saints at quarterback. That is completely fair.

There’s just one issue, though.

A change of the player at the position may not result in too many changes in the Saints’ offensive output this year. 

Now, keep in mind that Winston’s start against Tampa Bay is the reason that his turnover statistics are not great.

Outside of that start, he was protecting the ball well. Even last year, he did that effectively, but he took very few chances.

There is a pretty clear point here, though.

The Saints’ offense may just be what it is in 2022.

Regardless of the QB, the talent around them is not great outside of a few players. Injuries have certainly hurt the Saints’ offense when it comes to talent.

That being said, the talent difference between Dalton and Winston may not really be enough to make a huge difference when it comes to scoring points this year.

That is a difficult pill to swallow for multiple parties.

It will frustrate the staff because there is only so much that play-calling and scheme can do on offense. On the flip-side, fans get perturbed because “the grass is always greener on the other side” or so they believe.

For the Saints, the grass might just be a pretty average lawn regardless of their quarterback this season.

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