The New Orleans Saints‘ disappointing season now turns a new leaf and focuses on the offseason, which is a whole new season in itself. You have free agency, and then you have the draft, which is one of the biggest things in American sports during that time.

Their last draft was not a bad one, as they could potentially have the rookie of the year on their team in Chris Olave. Alontae Taylor had some flashes this season, as did Trevor Penning when he wasn’t hurt. Other than that, the Saints rookies didn’t do much.

So, it is safe to say they need this draft to hit. They are so close to being a playoff team and could have this last season due to the horrible division. But, it starts in free agency, and then in the draft.

It just so happens one Saints’ coach and the Saints, in general, will have a golden opportunity, or advantage with the 2023 NFL Draft.

Ronald curry, the Saints quarterback coach, has been selected as the Reese’s Senior Bowl offensive coordinator.

Some will say or ask how that helps the Saints, and that’s why I’m here – to tell you that it’s a huge advantage. Think about all of the prospects that are in the draft, the Saints cannot meet with all of them.

This allows them to be hands-on with the prospects and see how they are at practice, see how they take coaching, and see how they play against the best college players in the world.

They have to go through every possible player that enters the draft. Having a coach at the Senior Bowl can help them get a head start on the entire process.

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