The New Orleans Saints should think about making some serious moves this off-season, but one in particular. I think most people would agree with it too.

Let’s start by saying the season didn’t go how anyone expected. Did fans think this would be a Super Bowl-winning team? Not necessarily. However, they did think this team had a shot at the playoffs, and they did, even with their terrible record, due to the poor play in the division.

But, either way, the season was a failure. Talent was wasted, and winnable games were lost, somehow. With that, and with a season like this one, it may be time for some changes, and that change is a new staff.

We know that the Saints will be keeping Dennis Allen as head coach, as general manager Mickey Loomis announced on Friday, but will they be keeping the coordinators?

Kris Richard and Ryan Nielsen, the co-defensive coordinators, should be able to keep their jobs. The defense didn’t start great, at all, but some of that can be due to health, as they ended up getting very hot on that side of the ball.

But Pete Carmichael, in my opinion, has to go. Carmichael ran the offense this year, and we all know how that went. There were so many times when he wasn’t force-feeding his stars or best players. I think we all know exactly what I am talking about.

Taysom Hill was by far the most underused player on the team this year when we all knew he would put the team in better situations. The guy isn’t a tight end. Well, he is, because he is everything, but he is a running back and when you put him at quarterback, he is more effective with the ball in his hands.

They didn’t take full advantage of that this season, along with the use of Rashid Shaheed, until the season was nearly over.

There needs to be a change on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t know if they do it, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to see that.

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