The Dennis Allen sweep steaks could be coming to an end very soon in New Orleans as he continues to contradict himself, and just flat-out sound wrong all the time.

It’s the errors, the coaching flaws, and the ability to have no emotion, or sense of urgency when your team is now 4-9. There are just so many things that could be and need to be better. And, the worst part is that they are all things that aren’t hard to do if you’re an NFL head coach.

Oh, let’s also add in the fact that this is a good roster when healthy. In January they had six Pro Bowlers on this roster from last season. Talent is not the issue, at all.

And now, it’s blowing a 13-point lead while contradicting yourself shortly after.

“When you play Tom Brady and have a chance to put him away, you gotta put him away,” Allen said to reporters following the 17-16 loss.

Okay, so why didn’t you put Brady away then? You are talking about that being something you have to do when you had several opportunities to do so and you just didn’t. That would be called contradicting yourself.

Let’s break down the opportunities he had to put away Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time.

The Saints kicked field goals of 21, 29, and 38 yards on Monday against the Buccaneers. But three other times they were in their opponents’ territory they chose to punt instead of go for it or kick the field goal.

There was even one time, up 13 points, they were in Buccaneers territory on 4th and 2 and instead decided to punt, giving Brady even more time to try and make a comeback, which he did.

Brady executed a perfect drive with two minutes left, and left just three seconds on the clock.

Something has to change. It’s not adding up here.

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