The New Orleans Saints had a quarterback debacle almost the entire year. I think we, or most of us, thought at the beginning of the year that Jameis Winston would be the quarterback for the entire season, and that wasn’t even close to true.

Winston played just three games this season as he dealt with some injuries at the beginning of the season. However, when he was healthy, Allen chose to stick with Dalton, and I don’t think many people saw him making that decision.

But fans and media were constantly wondering why, as Allen never really gave a real reason why he chose to stick with Dalton.

“Initially it was the injury issue,” Allen said on Monday. “Then as time went on I felt like Andy [Dalton] was the one that gave us the better opportunity to win, and we didn’t win enough games. So all of those things are always going to be questioned and second-guessed… and I am comfortable with that.”

first of all, I don’t even really know what that last part means. You second-guessed your decision, but are comfortable with how the results showed? What does that even mean?

Winston is by far the more talented quarterback and I think most of us know that. Dalton wasn’t terrible for the Saints this season, but I can’t help but think Winston would have done better.

All the Saints needed was two more wins to win the division, but instead, they finished in a three-way tie with the Panthers and Falcons.

I feel like in some of the games we watched this season where Winston was healthy, we could have seen him win at least two more games.

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