If you couldn’t tell this last season or seasons before, Andy Dalton is not the franchise quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, as crazy as that may sound. All jokes aside, Dalton was better than many thought he would be in 2022.

But, it’s safe to say eventually, and that could be very soon, the Saints will need to move on from Dalton and Jameis Winston. Those guys have been great at times, but they have also been bad. They are too old now to develop into something better. What they are now, is what they will be.

So, as sad as that is, they need a young guy for the position soon. The Saints may not take a quarterback at 40, but there will be some available if they wanted to make the move.

Tanner McKee, the Stanford quarterback, could be a great developmental guy that the Saints choose at 40 if he is available.

McKee isn’t a guy that just wows you when you look at all his measurable or stats. He played in the Pac-12 at Stanford, against the decent competition on an average team. His size, however, does wow you. He is 6’6″, with a pretty decent speed at the size too.

The one thing that will blow away NFL scouts, is the deep ball accuracy and placement. He can drop a dime, and when he throws the ball deep, it’s like he is throwing a rock in the ocean.

McKee works well out of the shotgun, the formation he lined up in the most in 2022. There he has a better ability to sell fake handoffs in the play-action game and his pocket presence seems to be much better than under center.

There is one thing that McKee may be the best at in this draft class. When you turn on his tape, you will see one of the best goal-line fade balls in the country. He was very comfortable when there wasn’t a ton of pressure. When you put a good offensive line around him, that’s when he will operate best, in the pocket.

Per Pro Football Focus, he had a quick time to throw at 2.49 seconds on average. He is already ready to run an NFL offense because of the offense David Shaw runs at Stanford.

But, there are plenty of things Mckee needs to work on. He didn’t have an amazing season by any means, but he has the potential. He would be a guy that would need to sit behind a veteran, and maybe play next year. His decision-making under pressure isn’t the best, and he can overthrow guys sometimes at the top of their routes.

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