The New Orleans Saints are looking to get back in the win column and inch closer to the first-place spot in the NFC South.

If they win, not only do they add a game to that column, but they also add a game to the Buccaneer’s loss column.

It won’t be easy, though, and I think we all know that. They are playing Tom Brady, who is the greatest player of all time in many people’s eyes.

These two teams don’t like each other at all, and the game usually consists of one another being physical and playing mind games.

But, Brady knows it will be the same for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as we all know these games between these two are almost always close. While they don’t like each other, Brady still knows what the Saints are capable of.

“Well, they are a very good defense,” Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said of the Saints’ defense.

“I think that they are very good at the D-line. I think they have one of the best linebackers playing in Demario (Davis). They are very good in the secondary. I think they have invested a lot in their defense. Just very talented. I think they make it a very physical game. Tough to run the ball, and they make it tough in the passing game.”

I would say that part of what Brady complimented the Saints on is true. The defense has been good, or better, I should say, than how they started the season.

The pass rush hasn’t been amazing, but we all know the names of the guys that can create havoc like Cameron Jordan. And the secondary has a lot of expectations that they have yet to live up to.

This defense has the potential to be great, but I’d say they aren’t quite yet. But still, when Brady is giving you the credit you have to take it.

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