The New Orleans Saints have problems that are beyond fixing this season now, in my opinion. The only reason I really feel that way is because the team has given me no reason to feel any other way.

It’s the same stuff every week. The Saints either shoot themselves in the foot and beat themselves, or they just get outplayed and outcoached.

Every week we talk about how this team could have a turnaround because the division is that bad. They keep having more and more chances.

What do they do though? Nothing. They don’t know how to capitalize on it.

In my opinion, and that’s all this is, really, the Saints need something different, and that may not happen this year, or next year, because who knows.

But, it needs to happen, and if you asked the fan base, I’m sure they would have the same thoughts. Here is a big reason why.

“Yeah, I think we have to coach it better and play it better,” Dennis Allen said when asked why the Saints continue to have the same problems. “I just think we have to be better in a lot of areas.”

Yes, you read that right, and yes, that was the full quote.

That seems to be his answer every week for nearly every question. I don’t know if Allen even knows at this point, so maybe that is why his answer suggests that.

If you continuously say it’s on you, every single week, and the issues haven’t been fixed, then at that point you are throwing yourself under the bus, and you don’t need to be a head coach.

That is where we are at with this team. I’m sorry, but it is the harsh reality of the situation. Allen brings nothing to the fans in terms of excitement, enthusiasm, or making the fans feel like they will still be okay.

It’s just not there.

I think that next year this staff looks a little different, and hopefully, they do the process in a better way next time because this guy ain’t it.

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