The New Orleans Saints didn’t have a great season, by any means. In fact, this is now the second straight season the Saints will miss the playoffs, with their record getting worse every year.

Usually, when that happens, the franchise makes a decision that fans hate to see happen to their team. Yes, that’s right, they usually tear down their roster and start rebuilding, which also means tanking, which also means they start losing, a lot.

You can see why fans would hate that. Let’s be real – watching your team lose every week isn’t fun, and frankly, it drives fans’ attention away from the team.

There has been some concern within the fan base, because they feel this is something we could see with this team. They have some really good players that could bring back a lot of draft capital via trade, and that could open up some cap space.

But, general manager Mickey Loomis confirmed they will not be doing that, reassuring fans that they will remain a competitive team for at least next season.

“I don’t know, maybe. I don’t think we’re there by any stretch of the imagination,” Loomis said Friday.

The New Orleans Saints have too talented a roster to tear it all down and rebuild. When they get their stuff together, and that mainly goes for coaching, they can be a good team. There is no doubt in my mind that they can play ball with the best of them.

Hearing general manager Mickey Loomis say this should be refreshing for fans, even though this last season wasn’t.

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