The New Orleans Saints had an excellent game plan entering their game against the Los Angeles Rams. They drew it up to perfection, too. It was one that you would think would irritate their starting quarterback, but he is at peace.

Dennis Allen has been under fire this season for a few different reasons, but one main one is the fact that he doesn’t use Taysom Hill enough, or put him in positions to have successful drives. On Sunday he did it the right way.

The Saints’ decision to start Andy Dalton this week puzzled and frustrated a lot of people, but he did play well. A lot of people are calling it, ‘The get back game,’ and I think it fits.

But the main thing for this game was Dennis Allen deciding to swap Taysom Hill and Dalton out for different plays at quarterback, and it worked.

Dalton was 21/25 passing and finished with 260 passing yards and three passing touchdowns. The best part was his near-perfect passer rating of 149.6.

Hill was only 1/3 passing on the day but finished with 52 rushing yards on nine carries at the quarterback spot, which is 5.8 yards per carry.

It’s safe to say that they finally used Hill how he is supposed to be used, much like he was against the Seahawks.

Being taken in and out of the game repeatedly for another player can often frustrate the one that is being taken out. However, Andy Dalton isn’t at all.

“I’m never upset with the number of snaps that Taysom takes because I know how successful we’ve been able to be with it,” Dalton said after the game.

That is exactly what you want to hear from your starting quarterback. He is at a stage of his career where he doesn’t really care about numbers, or how much he plays, as long as he is helping the team win, and he did that on Sunday.

Featured Image Via Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports