It is very clear the New Orleans Saints had a quarterback problem last season. They started the year with Jameis Winston at quarterback, and after he got hurt, made the move to Andy Dalton.

At this point in their careers, neither of those names is very enticing. However, that doesn’t mean they should trade for a guy whose name is being thrown around quite a bit.

In fact, they should stay away from Derek Carr, a guy who will likely be let go by the Las Vegas Raiders in the offseason if no one trades for him, and here is why.

Saints’ QB problem is better than what we think

The Saints do have a problem at the position, yes. They have two guys who love to give the ball to the other team, for some odd reason. However, those guys are proven veterans and have accomplished a lot in this league.

The Saints’ problem isn’t bad, though, especially when you think about what it could be. They have this upcoming draft to possibly pick a sleeper quarterback in the draft and develop him into a franchise guy. Yes, that is easier said than done, but it can be done, and Winston and Dalton are good vets to be behind.

Tanner McKee from Stanford, Anthony Richardson from Florida, Hendon Hooker from Tennessee, Bo Nix from Oregon, or even Aiden O’Connell from Purdue, are all guys the Saints could possibly get out of the first round, and develop into good quarterbacks.

They shouldn’t take the gamble on Derek Carr, who had the best receiver in football this last season, the best pure running back, and the highest-paid tight end and still played very poorly. In fact, his backup Jarrett Stidham played better in the two games he started.

I say they draft a guy in the second round or maybe even later if their guy is available, and they sit him for a year behind these two veterans and let him learn. In other words, they do what the Chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes.

There is just one big reason the Saints shouldn’t give up some of their trade assets to get Carr. Now, if he wanted to sign for a pretty low deal if the Raiders cut him, they may take a swing on the guy, but even then, they should keep what they have.

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