The New Orleans Saints are in quite the bind right now, as they are now 1-3 on the year, but have one of the more talented rosters in the league.

When you look on the defensive side of the ball, they are playing well but could be better.

When you look at the offense, they are nowhere near their full potential. It’s getting to the point where some fans are frustrated. So, the question still stands. What exactly is going on with the offense?

Is it the offensive line? Is it the quarterback play, or even maybe the receivers? Or, is it the coaching?

On Tuesday, Saints’ offensive guard and center Erik McCoy gave his thoughts on how the offensive line performed on Sunday in London against the Minnesota Vikings.

“I thought we performed pretty well,” McCoy said. “Obviously, there are some things we have to clean up. There were a couple of penalties in the first quarter that hurt but as an offense we really kind of got a rhythm going in the second half. That’s something we want to keep going for. Kind of going with the theme of stop beating ourselves. Once we did that as an offensive line and an offense, we were able to get some rhythm going.

Then McCoy was asked what is wrong with the offense, and how the team stays so calm knowing they are 1-3.

“Truthfully, we are beating ourselves in our three losses. The penalties, the turnovers… we know that it’s something that when we get it corrected, we will be a good team.”

McCoy is only speaking the truth. The New Orleans Saints are the second most penalized team in the NFL with 34 behind the Denver Broncos who have 37.

The Saints are forced into a lot of third and long situations because of the penalties, which is a huge reason they are the ninth worst team in terms of third down conversion percentage.

This team is so much better than what they are showing, in my opinion. McCoy is also right by saying once these things get fixed, they will be okay.

I have faith that this team is so close to being the best team in their division. Some things just have to be fixed.

Featured Image Via James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports