The New Orleans Saints will have to deal with something on Sunday that they have yet to deal with this season.

The Saints have faced some pretty good teams so far this season. However, they haven’t quite faced a player like they will this Sunday.

T.J. Watt is scheduled to play on Sunday against the Saints, for the first time since he was injured in Week 1, which, is a pretty big deal.

The Saints have played some great defensive teams like the Ravens, Bengals, Vikings, Panthers, and Buccaneers, but they haven’t played a player on that side of the ball as good as Watt is.

“Well, he is an outstanding football player,” head coach Dennis Allen said. “You know defensive MVP. 24 sacks. I think he causes a lot of disruption both in the running game and the passing game.

“When he is on the field I think he brings a certain level of energy to their football team. So, that is something that we will have to deal with this week.”

Watt was the best player on that side of the ball last year. Obviously, if you had to choose between him or Aaron Donald, you would still choose Donald, but last year it was closer than people would like to admit.

Watt was the guy on that side of the ball, and now he is back. Oh, and guess what. The Saints have to be the first team he faces after coming back from injury. That means he has all this pent-up aggression I’m sure he is just waiting to get out.

And he is healthy with a long period of rest. This guy is going to have his way on Sunday regardless. It’s just about of the Saints can figure out a way to make it less effective.

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