The Philadelphia Eagles will have by far their toughest test of the season, as they will face easily the second-best team in the NFC behind the Eagles, of course.

But, for all we know, the 49ers may be the better team. That is what Sunday is for, to find that out. But, the winner gets a chance at a Super Bowl ring.

San Francisco is such a good team because they are similar to the Eagles in that they are a very balanced team. These two teams may be the most balanced in the league, as they both have elite defenses and elite offenses.

Speaking of elite offense, the 49ers have one, and it’s one of the more dynamic ones in the league. Their ability to run the ball, and pass it is special.

When they do pass the ball, their receivers are great in space, and the Eagles know that is a focal point this weekend.

“Schematically they get the ball to guys in space… part of their unique skill sets where they can break tackles, they can run away from people, they can make people miss in space, and I’m not just talking about one or two guys,” Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon said on Tuesday. “It’s really everybody.”

The two most notable at doing that are Deebo Samuel, who can make guys miss, or he can go right through you, and Christian McCaffrey, well, he is just different.

This is a running back that can literally do it all and does it all at the highest level. He can catch better than any running back, and he is one of the best runners in the league too.

McCaffrey is second in the league in yards after the catch with 710 yards, which is more than what most receivers have in a season total. Samuel had 501 yards after the catch, which was 10th in the league.

Those two guys are the biggest reasons their offense is so dynamic, especially with the yards after the catch. A guy who has been slept on this season is Brandon Aiyuk, who had himself quite the season.

They have weapons everywhere, and they disguise what they want to do very well, which is the beauty of a Kyle Shanahan offense. Gannon knows exactly what to expect.

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