The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, as they have had several times throughout the history of the franchise.

They have opened up a whole new world for Jalen Hurts, in giving him total control in almost every way possible. We know this guy gets to decide certain things with the offense, but on Wednesday, one NFL reporter revealed something interesting about Hurts.

“The impact on this locker room is remarkable and the impact on the playbook is even more significant,” NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales started to say. “I just left Dallas Goddard’s locker and I asked him to share something with me about Jalen Hurts during the week that’s unique. He said, ‘well he’s always in the building.’ We already knew that, but he’s told me he is in complete control of this building.

“If there’s a play that he wants in the playbook, it’s the first call on game day and if there’s something he doesn’t like, it’s gone. And these, these teammates of his tell me that he has a vision and we are there to execute that vision.”

We assumed Hurts had something to do with the playbook, but we didn’t know he had that much say. But, that could be why he is so comfortable this year as opposed to last year.

That could be why the offense is so much better because he is comfortable and he is running stuff that he wants to run. He isn’t going to want a play in the playbook that he doesn’t like or can’t run.

Hurts has now entered a level of quarterback stardom where he has control over some things within the franchise. I wouldn’t be shocked if we found out soon that he has some say in who is drafted or at least some opinion.

Guys like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and greats like that get to do the things we are learning about Hurts. They don’t let just anyone build the playbook to their strengths and have a say on if it’s in the playbook or not.

One thing to watch out for on Sunday is what that first call is, or first few, rather. There is a chance it was one that he liked a lot.

Hurts is one of the best, as we said earlier, and he will likely only get better. We know he has what it takes to take a team to the playoffs, now let’s see if he can take them to the Super Bowl. The coaching staff and franchise have faith that he can.

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