The Philadelphia Eagles are having one of their best seasons in quite some time, and they are putting everyone on notice. In fact, they are one team that has done something no other team has.

We knew this offseason that the Eagles would have a great season, just based on all of the things we were seeing and hearing. I mean, this was a playoff team last year, and people forget that.

Then, they added some pieces that took this team to the next level.

A.J. Brown is a top-10 receiver in the league and was added to a team that desperately needed a go-to guy. DeVonta Smith only got better and could be the best wide receiver two in the league.

Then, they added a star pass rusher in Haason Reddick, and a star cornerback in James Bradberry to go along with an already elite defense.

Oh, and let’s not forget how good this draft class was. And, the fact that Jalen Hurts was going into his second full year. So, if you are a fan of this team, or follow the Eagles, then you knew this was coming.

No other team is 5-0, but we knew that, too. However, there is something else the Eagles are doing that no other team is.

Eagles winning awards left and right

The Eagles are widely considered the best team in the league, even after the close win over the Arizona Cardinals, and there are plenty of reasons why. One of them is because they show their talent every week in some way.

The Eagles are the only team in the league to have won an NFC award of some sort every single week. Here are the awards they have won every week in the NFC.

In week 1, defensive back Zach McPherson won special teams player of the week. Week 2 cornerback Darius Slay won defensive player of the week. Week 3 defensive end Brandon Graham won defensive player of the week. In week 4, edge rusher Haason Reddick won defensive player of the week. And, in Week 5 kicker Cameron Dicker won special teams player of the week.

This is just showing the rest of the league that this team is more than just 5-0, but that they are incredibly talented on all fronts.

Featured Image Via Michael Chow/ The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK