The Philadelphia Eagles are finally starting to see some injuries hit their squad, after being one of the more healthy teams all season long so far.

The most recent player to have the dreaded injury bug is tight end Dallas Goedert, who was slammed into the ground by his facemask on Monday Night Football.

Since then, Goedert has been put on the injured reserve list, and won’t be able to play for at least four more weeks. Luckily, the Eagles have some of the best depth in the league, and one of the positions they have great depth at is the tight end spot.

But usually, when a new player, or a guy who doesn’t play a whole lot, comes in, the chemistry can be off. Jalen Hurts and Jack Stoll, the backup tight end, already have that connection.

“Just in the last game I said something on the headset like — we threw the ball to Jack Stoll on a crossing route there in the game — and I just said over the headset, ‘Man, Jalen really trusts Jack.’ You can just tell that the trust of Jack has continued to increase,” head coach Nick Sirianni said.

I think the Eagles aren’t worried about there being any disconnect between Stoll and Hurts, as it looks like they already connect well anyways.

The Eagles have one of the best cultures and standards set throughout the organization, and we saw that only get better this offseason.

It truly is a brotherhood, and you can see that the way Sirianni preaches about it that the chemistry is already there, even if some guys don’t play a whole lot with others.

I don’t think Stoll filling in for Goedert will be a problem. In fact, based on what we have seen so far, I think Stoll will be just fine.

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