The Philadelphia Eagles have their fair share of doubters and haters, as we all do. However, they have no faith in them, whatsoever.

There are people out there who have no faith in the Eagles to make some noise this year, even though they are already 2-0, beating what looks like two quality opponents. Some people have said “Well, it’s the Lions and Vikings,” and I get that.

However, go look at most of the power rankings throughout the league and you will see both of those teams in the top half of the league, as opposed to last season when they were in the bottom half.

That’s not the only criticism and doubt they have gotten. Going back to last year, defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon has received a ton of criticism. During Thursday’s presser, he talked about how he and the team handle that.

“When you grow up, and if you listen to outside noise and you let it affect you good and bad, it’s a recipe for disaster,” Gannon told reporters. “You have heard me talk about that, and we preach that to our players and we wear it on our sleeves as well.

“I don’t feel any more pressure from anyone outside of this building, the most pressure I put on myself is because of myself, and that’s how I have been since I was a kid. You know, this is a new week and the pressure that I have on myself is the same that it was last year, Week 1, Week 2, training camp. It really doesn’t matter to me.”

Gannon has dealt with a lot of criticism, most of it from last season, because of the way he calls the defensive plays. Fans have called for more blitzing, more press-man, and things of that nature.

So far this year, he has shown that he can call the defense the way it needs to be done. The defense was spectacular on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings.

They were able to get to Kirk Cousins and put pressure on him, allowing the offense to consistently turn the ball over to the Eagles. And, while Darius Slay did the playing, the secondary was coached very well, a huge reason Justin Jefferson, a top-three tight end, was locked up.

He and the Eagles are responding to the criticism and doubt the best way they can. They aren’t saying anything, but are doing everything.

Featured Image Via Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports