The Philadelphia Eagles are changing things up for Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings.

Usually, they aren’t the type of team to do things like this. They are very traditional. However, it is a new season and there is a new feel to the city of Philadelphia.

This feeling is a bit stronger than that of 2017, in my opinion. That year, there weren’t a ton of people who believed the Eagles would win the Super Bowl until the playoff came around.

This year, there is a feeling that the Eagles can win it all.

With that, they changed some things up. Take a look at their new font in the end zones, something we will see tonight.

The font is nice, and different, which is refreshing. It gives off a more mean vibe than that of the previous.

Hopefully, for all of you out there that believe in superstitions, this won’t mess any of that up.

Monday Night Football should be fun and have a different look.

Featured Image Via Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK