The Philadelphia Eagles let everyone know on Saturday night that they should be the favorites to win it all with a demanding win over the New York Giants.

They beat their division rival by 31 points, in a playoff game. Forget the records and the fact that the Eagles already beat them twice before that game, because divisional games are tough in general. Then add in the playoff element, and I don’t think that anyone thought the game would be that out of hand.

The Eagles did whatever they wanted to, and it sent a message to the San Francisco 49ers that they were ready. They would do whatever they needed to to get to the Super Bowl, and have a chance at winning it all.

DeVonta Smith sent a message to the 49ers too. Of course, when he did, he didn’t know who they would be playing between them or the Cowboys, but he knew that it didn’t matter.

Did he directly send a message? No. He just let San Francisco know that the 31-point win they just had was just the beginning.

“The job’s not done. We know we have a lot to clean up. We didn’t play a perfect game. On to the next one,” Smith said in the tunnel responding to a question about how he felt the team played.

Then he was asked about if they could get better, as Sirianni has said plenty of times, that isn’t even their best football.

“We’re getting there. Still not there yet.”

This team can be scary, and they were scary against the Giants. But hold up, you’re telling me they haven’t even played their best ball yet? They can still clean some things up?

The 49ers better hope next week isn’t the game they play their best ball, because if so, it won’t be close with how dominant this team looks.

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