The Jalen Hurts disrespect isn’t new, especially for him. The Philadelphia Eagles‘ franchise quarterback has dealt with it since he was in college, whether it was in Alabama or Oklahoma, and probably while he was in high school in Texas, for all we know.

When he was drafted, he was doubted and disrespected because he couldn’t throw. Well, that’s what the “professional” scouts said. 

But, since then, I think it is safe to say that he has proved everyone wrong. Well, mostly everyone. There seem to still be some national media guys that don’t quite believe in him as a passer, even though his 112.0 quarterback rating against the Giants was the third-best passer rating in a single game in Eagles postseason history. 

There are still a few folks out there who are doubting Hurts, however, and NBC Sports‘ Chris Simms is one of them.

On his podcast, Simms recently disrespected Hurts by saying New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is a better passer. 

“I don’t think it’s a whole lot different. He [Jones] may not be as good a runner, but he’s really close. It’s not like, ‘oh, woah, way better.’ Again, if you’re gonna ask me who I’d rather have as a passer, I’d rather have Daniel Jones [over Jalen Hurts].”

Man, this guy.

There is so much there that is so wrong. I’d say there is one quarterback in the league that is a better runner than Hurts, and that’s Lamar Jackson. I don’t think Jones is close to either, at all, honestly.

But as far as a better passer goes, which is Simms’ big point, he couldn’t be more wrong.

NFL Next Gen Stats has Hurts with 2.8% completion percentage over expected compared to Daniel Jones’ 1.6%, which is fourth-best and eighth-best, respectively. Really, Hurts is second-best in the league when you factor that two of the guys above him only had 180 and 140 passes. Hurts threw 460 passes this season and also missed two games.

Hurts’ deep ball is also better than Jones’. Not only does the tape show it, but the numbers do, too. Per PFF, Hurts had 56 deep pass attempts (20+ air yards) to Jones’ 23. Hurts had 11 touchdowns in this context compared to Jones’ two. That’s an 19.6% TD rate compared to Jones’ 8.7%.

Hurts also finished 2022 with a big-time throw rate of 27.7%, which is far better than Jones’ 21.4%.

Jones does hold a big advantage in adjusted completion percentage at 52.2% compared to Hurts’ 39.3%, which backs up Simms’ argument. But the key, here, is the Giants schemed a lot of those throws to where Jones could make them. The Giants didn’t want Jones throwing deep often, which is evidenced by the fact that he ranks dead last in deep throw rate (4.9%) when looking at the 34 qualifying QBs in this exercise.

Per ESPN, Hurts also had the second-highest QBR on the season while Jones finished with the eighth-best.

Lastly, Football Outsiders has Hurts at No. 10 in terms of DYAR and Jones is 18th. Hurts is also 10th in DVOA, but Jones falls to DVOA.

Hurts has made throws all season long that I don’t think Jones can make and hasn’t made. It really isn’t close, and the fact that he said that is very disrespectful, in my opinion.

Jones has only had one good year in the league, as well. Granted, Hurts has only been a starter for two years. But at the same time, he’s shown more growth as a passer over last the last two years than Jones has shown throughout his entire career.

Simms looks foolish with this take, as he should. But oh, well. Maybe he’ll think differently when Hurts and co. are holding up the Lombardi at the end of the year.

This is a guy who beat the other 38-7. Just remember that.

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