The Philadelphia Eagles finished the season with one of the best defenses in the league. They were by far the most balanced team in the league, and a huge reason why is because of their ability to get the job done on both sides, but especially defense.

Now the Giants have to deal with this defense for a third time this season, but this time it’s win or go home. But, to opponents, what makes this defense so lethal?

“They’re really good,” Giants head coach Brian Daboll said. “They’re hard to block. They can stop the run. They got a lot of really good players. They use them well. They’re a challenge to block. On the perimeter, they’re a challenge with the tackles.

“And inside, they’re a challenge. So, that’s where – like I talked about before – the offensive line and defensive line, that’s where usually the game starts. And they’re pretty much All-Pro or Pro Bowl at every spot.”

The Eagles finished the season with the best pass rush in the league, and frankly it wasn’t close. They were three sacks short of breaking the all-time record of sacks in a season by one team, as they finished with 70, 15 more than the next highest in Kansas City.

It’s fair to say Daboll isn’t wrong about the Eagles front being hard to block. As a matter of fact, they almost can’t be blocked.

Now that the season is over we can look at the off-season moves and some of the moves made during the season and say for the most part they were good ones. The move to sign Haason Reddick, who has 16 sacks, was by far the best move they could have made.

But it wasn’t just him this season, as he had 16, there were 54 more sacks to be given out. The entire team was relentless all year in their pursuit to the quarterback.

In their two matchups against each other, the Eagles had nine total sack. Let’s hope they do much of the same on Saturday against the Giants.

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