The Philadelphia Eagles have had some pretty great quarterbacks over the years. They have had guys that are respected by the football world because of their skill and talent. Now, with a win over the New York Giants, Jalen Hurts has put his name with some of those guys in one particular way.

Let’s just start with the obvious, shall we? Randall Cunningham, who was one of the first true mobile quarterbacks in the league – a real dual threat, Donovan McNabb, a guy who had a very similar start to his career as Hurts did, and even heck, even Nick Foles, the guy everyone in Philadelphia will forever be grateful for.

All of those guys were drafted by the Eagles, and all of those guys have one thing in common – they were able to get a playoff win as an Eagle, the team that drafted them. Now, Hurts has entered that elite list as the fourth quarterback in Eagles franchise history that was drafted and won a playoff game.

McNabb won nine, Foles won four, and Cunningham won one. Hurts has the chance to move past Cunningham this weekend with a win over the San Francisco 49ers. There is only one guy on that list though that has been to the promised land and won it all in Foles, and Hurts has the chance to do that as well.

This guy has already adopted the Philly culture, and the city has adopted him. He has endured hate, even from Eagles fans, about his game, and that he can’t throw, yet he had the third-highest passer rating in Eagles’ postseason history last week.

Like, this guy has already proved everyone wrong time and time again, which is what Philly is all about. Now, he needs to go get this win on Sunday, and give his team a chance to win the Super Bowl.

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