Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was in college, he was doubted for his passing ability.

It happened to him in Alabama when he lost his spot, and it happened to him in Oklahoma when he was a Heisman candidate.

In the NFL he got the same disrespect, if not worse. Let’s face it, when he was drafted there was a large part of Eagles fans that hated the pick.

His first time playing didn’t help, no. But, you could always see the potential was there. You could always see the leadership in him. He showed that it factor a few times.

He showed it plenty this year, including Saturday against the Giants in the Divisional Round.

This year he has by far proved every narrative wrong about his passing. Against the Giants on Saturday, he had one of the best passing games in Eagles franchise history in terms of the postseason.

There have been some amazing quarterbacks, and some amazing passers to play in the playoffs for the Eagles.

Michael Vick, and Donovan McNabb, just to name a few. Those guys have never had a postseason game like Hurts just had in terms of passing.

Hurts finished Saturday’s game with the third-highest passer rating in a postseason game in Eagles franchise history. His 112.2 passer rating sits just behind Nick Foles’ 141 rating in 2018, and Rodney Pete’s 143 in 1995.

He absolutely diced up the Giants’ secondary all day long. There were throws he made that made you think, hold up, is this guy really hurt? Yeah, and he did it with a hurt shoulder.

Hurts will only get better as a passer because he has that trait where all he wants to do is get better at every facet of his game. He is a good passer, so let’s stop with the narratives.

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