The Philadelphia Eagles beat down the Giants in the divisional round to get to the NFC Championship. It is truly a bitter sweet feeling, one I’m sure head coach Nick Sirianni is happy about considering this is his second season and he has made it this far in so little time.

He was though, not very happy on Saturday at one point during the game. As the Eagles are about to go for a two point conversion to officially put the Giants away early, the camera on the broadcast pans to Sirianni, where you can hear him cussing out the ref on the sideline.

He wasn’t very happy at all, as you can see.

But, after the game he had a chance to explain himself because everyone noticed it.

“I was going to call a timeout there,” Sirianni told reporters. “I didn’t love the look and I just — I was trying to call a timeout. I think he told me to get back, and I’m like, I’m going to call a timeout. I don’t have the burst that I used to have when I played at Mt. Union where I can sprint 30 yards down to get a timeout, and so I needed to be down there because I didn’t want to tear a hamstring off the bone.”

Honestly, Sirianni answered that in the best way possible, and he was kind of funny at the same time. This is a guy though that does what he wants. As we have said before, Sirianni is letting Philly rub off on him.

Featured Image Via Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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