With the third win over the New York Giants this season, it’s fair to say that the Philadelphia Eagles just couldn’t do any wrong against their division rival. With a 38-7 win, the Eagles made it known they were the team to beat in the NFC.

They did it in every way they could. The Eagles ran the ball, they threw the ball, and their defense locked up. And there was nothing the Giants could really do. It seemed like after the first quarter was over, we all knew who was going to win the game.

The Giants weren’t very happy about what was going on either. I mean, would you be happy if a team was beating you so bad that they did whatever they wanted to, and you knew what they were doing, and couldn’t stop it? I know I would.

“We didn’t make enough plays,” Giants receiver Richie James told the media after the game. “They made too many plays. And we couldn’t stop the bleeding. They just were running that mother f—– and we couldn’t stop that mother f—– we didn’t make enough plays on offense to give the defense rest. It’s as simple as that.”

In a way, is James calling out his defense? I’d call them out too. They gave up 268 rushing yards, 112 of which came by way of the Eagles’ second and sometimes third-string running back in Gainwell.

But, the offense didn’t really do their job either. The total yards disparity was 416-227, as the Giants barely had over 100 yards on both the ground and through the air.

Either way, the Eagles got one of their more impressive playoff wins in quite some time. They delivered a beatdown in a way that only they could after the start of the season they had, and with all the unknown there was heading into the postseason.

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