On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles were able to secure their win over the Detroit Lions in a Week 1 matchup that was actually loser than we had anticipated.

The defense could have been better, but there were great moments throughout the game. The tipped pick-six forced by Kyzir White to allow James Bradberry was the first pick-six of the season.

As for the offense, it was good but definitely could have been better.

Jalen Hurts showed his legs are still one of the best in the league. Then, he showed the chemistry between him and new Eagle A.J. Brown was real.

There was one thing that stood out, though. Second-year receiver DeVonta Smith didn’t get a single touch on Sunday.

“DeVonta Smith is a great, not a good, but a great playmaker,” Sirianni told the media on Monday. “I think everyone in this city saw that on hand last year. You come away from that game, and you know, I felt good. I told the offense, we did so many good things… but yet again we have a lot to clean up.

“A lot of it, in my mind, was communication issues. But man, we ran the ball well, we were pretty efficient passing the ball, we were great on third down, we were really good in the red zone… so, so many good things we did. But coming away your like DeVonta Smith didn’t get any catches. Sometimes you don’t feel that in a game. You know, he’s got to touch the ball.”

The Eagles’ head coach is right, and I’m glad he sees what everyone else was thinking. I’m sure there were opportunities presented to get him the ball, it just didn’t work out in their favor.

Last season, as a rookie, Smith had nearly 1,000 receiving yards on 64 catches., with five touchdowns to go along with it.

He is a guy who has to have the ball, every day, and every game. He can make something out of nothing oftentimes, and he could have done that against the Lions.

I understand sometimes the game script and personnel matchups may not be right, and you don’t want to force it, but Sunday’s game was not that.

Smith has the potential to be one of the best receivers in the league. And, while you don’t want to not give the ball to Brown, you also don’t want to stunt the development of Smith, who has so much potential.

I think Sirianni works the ball to Smith more against the Vikings on Monday Night Football. Then, just maybe, we can see how much he has developed over the offseason.

Featured Image Via Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK