The Philadelphia Eagles displayed their ability to score on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, even though it started slow.

Jalen Hurts started the game by bailing out the team with his legs, as everything he threw their way would go right through the hands of the receivers. Hurts finished with 90 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown in the game.

Eventually, the passing game started to work. Hurts finished with 243 passing yards. A.J. Brown broke the record for the most receiving yards in a debut game with 155.

The defense, however, could have been better, for sure. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great.

One thing I wish we would have seen more is rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis. However, we didn’t get to see much of him, and here is why.

“We have a rotation, obviously, that we felt good about,” head coach Nick Sirianni told the media on Monday. “We felt like some of those, with the way we kind of went about the game, that was our rotation. Sometimes they are going to get different reps, kind of similar to a wide receiver, with how many balls they get in certain games, or this or that.

“It just so happened to play out that way with Jordan [Davis] yesterday [Sunday]. Those guys are good players and we are deep at that position, so we want to try and get as many of those guys’ reps as we possibly can. That’s just the way the number shook out yesterday.”

Davis is a freak. If you have seen him, you already knew that. He is 6’6″, 340 pounds, and a large portion of it is muscle. Davis played in just seven pass rush snaps and 15 run defense snaps. He has to have more, especially if the Eagles want to develop this guy into one of the league’s best at stopping the run, or rushing the passer, for that matter.

The Eagles already had a lot of trouble stopping the Lions’ run game on Sunday. D’Andre Swift rushed 15 times for 144 yards and a touchdown. The backup, Jamaal Williams, finished with 28 yards and two touchdowns.

So, obviously, the lineup they did have on the field wasn’t working too well. When Davis was on the field, the Eagles allowed just 2.9 yards per carry with Davis on the field. When he wasn’t on the field they allowed 10.0 yards per carry.

It’s safe to say he needs to see more time on the field, and hopefully, he gets more this Sunday.

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