The Philadelphia Eagles have an insane offense. No, really. Their offense has so many weapons and can score in so many different ways, which is all quarterbacked by one of the best in the league.

This is truly one of the more complete teams in the league, and maybe the most balanced offense in the league. But, that does come with something, though.

Not every player will have a huge game, every game. DeVonta Smith has been one of those guys. He isn’t having otherworldly performances every game because there are so many good players on this team.

But that doesn’t mean he has taken a step back.

“I think everyone on this football team has taken steps from previous times to the moment we are at now,” quarterback Jalen Hurts said when asked about Smith’s growth from year one to year two.

I think DeVonta [Smith] is continuing to grow, and continuing to be a dependable guy in this offense.”

The Eagles’ offense added a top-five wide receiver in the offseason in A.J. Brown, who has been the go-to guy for Jalen Hurts. It helps that they were best friends before being on the same team, too.

That has, in a way, put Smith in the back seat. Maybe that isn’t the best way to describe it, but he is now the wide receiver two, whereas if Brown didn’t join the team, he was the number one guy.

And that’s just how it is sometimes.

That means Smith has had lower production in terms of numbers than what we would have all expected. But that doesn’t mean he is worse this year than last year.

Smith still has a huge amount of potential that hasn’t even been tapped yet, and Hurts knows that. It’s all about timing from here.

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