The Philadelphia Eagles started out hot against the Minnesota Vikings in the first half. They quickly went up 14-0 as the offense and defense both showed up big time.

However, the narrative that I believe we should be driving is how good of a passer Jalen Hurts is becoming, and that is definitely showing against the Vikings.

The story with Hurts has always been that he is a runner and not a great passer. Well, I think he would beg to differ. On Monday Night Football he was breaking his own records, only proving he is getting better.

Hurts breaks his own record to start the game

Jalen Hurts can most certainly do it with his legs, we all know that. But people are failing to realize he can throw too. Is he the best? No. Is he getting better? Yes.

Hurts broke his own record for consecutive completions to start the game with 11. He went 11/11 with 157 passing yards and a touchdown. He also, at the time the streak was still going, had a quarterback rating of 149.1, which is unbelievable.

We saw Hurts make his reads and progressions throughout the game at a high level. The deep ball touchdown to Quez Watkins was one of the more impressive plays we have seen from the team this season, so far that is.

We didn’t get to see a touchdown pass by Hurts last week, but that doesn’t mean he was bad. This week, Hurts has the first two touchdowns of the game. The first score was by way of Hurts’ legs, the second, his arm.

Another thing Hurts was doing well against the Vikings was spreading the ball around. Last week, the Eagles had just five receivers catch a pass. This week, before halftime, they had six catches a pass.

Not to mention, last week DeVonta Smith didn’t catch a pass. This week he made sure to find Smith.

The Eagles quarterback can most certainly run, as he carries a defender into the end zone with him while I’m typing this to make the score 21-7, but he is also showing his arm is effective.

We are witnessing a quarterback grow and mature, and the sky is the limit for this guy.

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