Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts might be the most mature 24-year-old in NFL history.

Hurts, who is one of the frontrunners for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award, has handled extreme success like a seasoned veteran. For all of the hype surrounding Hurts in his meteoric rise to stardom this season, he remains level-headed.

Even in wins, Hurts feels like there is always more that the team could have done. His teammate Jason Kelce, who is playing in his 12th season with Philly, shared his two cents on what separated Hurts from the pack.

“If there’s one thing that he is, it’s consistent,” Kelce told reporters at his Friday press conference. “He’s [had] the same temperament, same mentality from his rookie year. You see the confidence continuing to get better. He’s been a pretty cool, confident, competitive guy from the moment he’s been here.”

Success hasn’t changed Hurts like it has for so many talented young players. His preparation and focus are rare traits for quarterbacks in their third season.

Eagles fans have a lot to look forward to in Hurts’ future with the team, but Hurts won’t be the one looking ahead. He’s always focused on the task at hand, which happens to be Monday night’s matchup with the Washington Commanders.

Featured image via Geoff Burke – USA TODAY Sports

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