The Philadelphia Eagles may be going for it all this year based on some moves they have made.

Chauncey Garnder-Johnson, the safety that the Eagles traded for in the preseason has been one of their best moves, as he is the league leader in interceptions heading into week 12.

Before the trade deadline, they traded for defensive end Robert Quinn, which was such an obvious all-in move. Then, when we were informed that Quinn and Howie Roseman agreed that he would hit free agency after this year, we definitely knew they were going for the gold in 2022.

Other players know that too, and they know that this team can win it all. Why else would Ndamukong Suh join the Eagles?

“Championships,” Suh told reporters in the locker room. “That’s what keeps me going, having the opportunity to play for one. This team has done an amazing job thus far and I feel like I can come in here and help. But first I gotta get acclimated and go from there.”

The 35-year-old defensive tackle has had a great career, filled with some amazing moments.

He could have easily retired, hung up the cleats, and never have to worry about a day of work on the football field again. Instead, he saw what was special in the Eagles.

“I want to have an opportunity to earn a ring and celebrate that with my family and especially my teammates and the people I did it with,” Suh said. “For me, it’s important that I’ve been able to have amazing accolades just from a standpoint as an individual but it’s more than that at this particular stage in my life.”

Suh still has some juice, and I think everyone saw that last season with Tampa Bay. He still had six sacks last season on a dominant Buccaneers defense.

But he doesn’t need to be a guy that will go and get a sack every game. It’s all about depth, and Suh knows that.

“I’m not here to take anybody’s position,” Suh explained. “I’m here to support and be a supporting cast member from all levels.”

If he wants a ring, they better make sure they win it all this year. Suh may not be back next year, as it could be time to hang it up, at least that’s what mom wants.

“My mom has never been happy about me playing football since I was a little kid,” Suh said. “She wanted me to stay away from American football. I grew up playing European football, as they call it. She’s always been scared. I’m her baby so she’s always worried about it.”

We don’t want Suh to have suited up for no reason, and not win the Super Bowl. Let’s hope the Eagles can get him one, and make his mom somewhat happy in the process.

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