The Philadelphia Eagles obliterated the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. They made it look about as easy as one can, and we are all here for it.

Now, if you log into Twitter, you may find a handful of people who aren’t Eagles fans saying “Eagles-Bills for the Super Bowl,” which would be pretty neat, to say the least.

The defense was amazing. Coming into the game that was a big question about this team, as they gave up 35 points to the Detroit Lions in Week 1. However, it didn’t go quite as well for the Vikings, who only scored once.

The offense, well they lit it up in the first half. They scored 24 and could have had three more tacked onto that had a field goal not been blocked.

However, it did sputter out in the second half, and the Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was more interested in that than celebrating the win.

“Last week I talked about the inconsistencies and the urgency, communication, and operation, and that starts with me. Obviously, we operated at a high level early on in the game.

“I think that is something we have to be able to sustain throughout the whole entire game, regardless of the situation, and that starts with everybody… To perform at a high level and still leave so much money on the table, that’s big for us.”

The young quarterback is one of the more mature voices you will hear in a press conference. He is all about his team and winning. While they did win, it wasn’t good enough.

“Hell of a game tonight, but there is a hell of a lot to learn from,” Hurts said.

Then he was asked about what he liked the most from the offense in the game, and his answer is what it should be.

“I’ll tell you what left me most unpleased is how we finished the game on offense,” Hurts said. “We got to keep our foot on the gas.”

And that is true. There is no reason the Eagles shouldn’t have scored in the second half. They were doing everything right and for some reason, the offense just stopped working.

During the game, Hurts was finding anyone who was open. He did it with his legs and arms. So, naturally, just because he and the offense made it look so easy in the first half, there is reason to be upset with the second half.

The Eagles are still 2-0, and the win over the Vikings was huge.

Featured Image Via Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports