The Philadelphia Eagles were able to get back in the win column against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 11, but this time they won in a different way than what they have been doing the last few weeks.

The Eagles ran the ball more with Jalen Hurts than they have in the past, and I think that is noticeable. But, it’s how they are running the ball, and the way the runs are coming, not the fact that they are running the ball.

“It definitely was more designed runs than it has been in the past,” Sirianni said on Monday when asked about Hurts running the ball Sunday.

“Again, you are always trying to do what is best to put yourself in a position. Some of their defensive line techniques, obviously you’re always trying to put them in the best possible position you can.”

Hurts finished with 16 run attempts, which is the second-highest rush attempt he has had this year. Hurts had 17 in Week 1, and 16 again in Week 4.

It’s clear the Eagles like it when Hurts runs, but this was more about letting Hurts keep the ball in his hands by designing run plays.

“The plays we were calling yesterday, we felt going into the game, were going to be successful, that’s why we call them right,” Sirianni said.

“That happened to be some of those things we were doing with Jalen [Hurts].”

Hurts finished with his second-most rushing yards on the season with 86. In Week 1 he finished with 90, but like I stated earlier, had one more rushing attempt.

The offense was forced to play the way they did, but it ended up working in their favor. I mean, look at the game-winning play. Hurts ran the ball in for a score.

The Colts put the ball in their best players’ hands and let him make plays.

“Obviously you go through the process all week… and you know you try to put yourself in every single position you possibly can, and then you put the ball in your players’ hands that you trust to make those plays at that time,” Sirianni told reporters.

The Eagles had to do something they haven’t done often this season, and it worked in their favor.

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