A New York Jets player took a massive cheap shot at Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts on Friday night.

Hurts was clearly out of bounds when Jets linebacker Quincey Williams took an obvious cheap shot at the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

Here’s the hit.

After the game, Jets head coach Robert Saleh reacted to the hit.

And he made it clear that he didn’t approve.

“I talked to him after the game,” said Saleh after the game. “Egregiously awful from Quincy, and he knows that. He knows better. And those are the plays that Quincy has to get out of his game if he wants to become the linebacker that I think he can be, that we all think he can be. It’s one thing to make a mistake in the game, it’s another thing to make a mistake that leads to points, touchdowns.”

The egregiously awful part of that quote is what I’ve seen in most headlines talking about Saleh’s reaction to the hit.

But I think that’s a bit of a misrepresentation of Saleh’s sentiments.

Saleh didn’t disapprove of Williams’ hit because he could’ve injured Hurts. He was just upset that the penalty extended the Eagles’ drive and led to points.

I don’t think we should be giving Saleh too much credit for his “egregiously awful” comment. He clearly wasn’t overly concerned with Hurts’ health.

Hurts, to his credit, didn’t linger on the play. He moved on immediately.

“It happens,” said Hurts. “He hit me late. They called a flag. We moved on.”

It’s too bad these two teams don’t play during the regular season. That would be a must-watch game after the fireworks we saw on Friday night.

Featured image via Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports