The Philadelphia Eagles lost their first game of the season in Week 10, after starting on a franchise-record eight-win streak to open up the season.

How did they do it, though? Well, give credit to the Commanders, as they played well. However, the Eagles beat themselves, too, but at the same time, it was almost out of their control how it happened.

After the game, head coach Nick Sirianni made sure to give the Commanders credit but also wanted everyone to know that turnovers were the issue on Monday Night Football.

“The three turnovers lost us the game,” Sirianni told reporters. “The time of possession losses you the game. We lost it together: offense, defense, and special teams, we lost it together. That’s what lost us the game.”

The Eagles had three turnovers, but you can easily say that two of them weren’t really their fault. So, let’s go through them.

The first one happened in the second quarter with 8:41 left in the half and was the only turnover in the first half for the Eagles. Jalen Hurts went deep to A.J. Brown and was picked off as he threw into double coverage.

But here is the kicker. This was an interception that is almost out of their control.

Brown caught the ball and had it in his hand, but the safety pulled it out and came down with possession over Brown. It was actually a perfect throw and was exactly where it needed to be. However, it was just one of those plays that don’t go your way.

The second turnover of the game for the Eagles was one that was just egregious. This play made the round in the Twitterverse, as everyone was calling out the officiating after this play.

In the fourth quarter with 9:05 left the Commanders were up 23-21 as the Eagles were driving the ball down the field. Hurts hit Goedert for a quick pass and the tight end was brought down by his face mask and was in immediate pain.

The ball came out as he went down and the Commanders recovered. The play was reviewed, but since it wasn’t reviewed for a face mask penalty, there was nothing called. The Eagles lost a drive because of a no-call. The no-call forced Goedert to lose the ball, something, that was not in his control if we are being honest.

The third one was not one that was out of the Eagles’ control, as Ques Watkins completely just lost the ball. It was a huge play that would have put the Eagles in the red zone as they were down 26-21 with over five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Had the Eagles not fumbled, they could have scored and taken the lead.

Besides the last turnover, I think it is safe to say that the Eagles lost on a few plays, or turnovers, that was completely out of their control.

The worst part is, these plays were game-changing plays.

The Eagles move on though from a game that was a complete anomaly. They had three turnovers in one game when they had three the whole season before Monday night.

All of this is just one big reason I wouldn’t worry much about this loss.

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