The Philadelphia Eagles have been known for most of the year by the way their offense is playing. And why wouldn’t it? 

They have one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Jalen Hurts, and now one of the best wide receivers in A.J. Brown. Oh, and the best three-way receiving corps in the league.

But no one is talking about one thing. No one is talking about the Eagles’ defense, to me, the main reason the Eagles are the best team in the league. 

The main reason they are 8-0.

But, they are starting to put people on notice. One position group on the Eagles is currently the best in the league, and people are realizing it.

The Eagles have two of the best cornerbacks in the league based on one stat

Darius Slay has been in the race for defensive player of the year all season. He creates havoc and plays on the ball like no one else. Oh, and he guards the best receiver on the other team.

They also have James Bradberry on the other side, who is easily the second-best corner in the league. Both of these guys are getting it done, and this one stat only proves that.

According to Pro Football Focus, both cornerbacks have two of the three lowest passer ratings allowed when targeted.

The lowest is Slay, at 36.2, and Bradberry is the third lowest at 38.4. In other words, they are creating havoc and making quarterbacks make bad decisions when they throw in their direction.

They also have a great pass rush. However, the defense is predicated on their ability to lock down the opponents’ pass game, which only shows that they have one of the best defenses.

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