Jalen Hurts wants to build on the success seen last Sunday.

That means, on Monday, when taking on the Minnesota Vikings, he needs to take his game up to the next level. And on Thursday, Hurts explained exactly how he could do so.

One element he wants to integrate into his game is the notion of spreading the wealth. He wants everyone involved, playing their role, and executing to the best of their ability.

In his words: “Every player’s assignment on the field is to execute the play to the best of their ability and do their job, and that’s one thing I’ve been trying to do all camp, you know, trying to carry that to the games.”

Yet, to do so, Hurts will have to navigate the tricky Minnesota defense — something he is cognizant of as Monday night approaches.

“I think they have a really good defense,” he said. “They got great players at every position I feel, so it’ll definitely be a great challenge for us. They fly to the ball. I mean, they’re all playmakers. You know what I mean? So, I have to do a lot of preparing for them.”

With that in mind, Philadelphia appears to be in good hands heading into a monumental Week 2.

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